Rice Krispy Treats - How Deliciously American!

So easy and delicious I could die! and then I did. But the krispy treats revived me. Maybe that's how Harry Potter came back too?

Do my rice krispy treats taste any better than the next guys? Yes. Heck yes.
Do I use a different recipe? probably not, it's from the box.
Then what's the deal? It must be the extra love I put into every batch....or my natural awesomeness in the kitchen and at life.

You decide.
I put them in my red Martha Stewart casserole dish. USA all the way!

Jess had a 4th of July BBQ so it was only natural to bring an all American dessert such as rice krispy treats. (I know, you were probably going to say pie, but to me krispy treats screams I love USA).

I was running low on time, sleep, and energy, so this was the perfect option.

Growing up, whenever we would visit my grandma's house there were always 2 guarantees:

  • we would have fun.
  • She would always have our fave treats (home made jerky, ice cream, cheese, skittles, peanuts, and rice krispy treats).
One of the last times I was visiting and we were making them together she swatted me with a spoon because I wouldn't stop eating them as I was stirring. haha. It's just so hard to resist the deliciousness!

So good you'll want to eat some on the way to the party. I know I did!
Rice Krispy Treats

4 tbs butter (I use the sticks since you just have to cut on the pre-measured lines)
2 bags of mini marshmallows
12 c rice krispy cereal (appx. so buy the large box)

*this is a recipe to make two batches so that your treats are super thick. You probably won't have a bowl large enough to make it all together, so divide the recipe by two and make it twice...that's what I did.

  1. in the microwave or on the stove, melt the butter and marshmallows. If in the microwave, do it in intervals so you don't burn it!
  2. once melted and mixed, start adding in the rice krispies a little at a time. I always approximate how much cereal I use. I just keep going until it looks right. You don't want to over do it or it won't be all soft and Gorey. 
  3. place in greased pan and spread out.
  4. repeat to make second batch and place onto of  first.
  5. let cool, cut, eat.
Don't forget to lick the bowl!


Inappropriately Delicious - S'mores Bars

I love s'mores.


Kidding, there's more.

I wish I could remember the first time I ever had them, but I can't. What I do remember is having sleepovers at grandma's house and having a weenie & s'more roast over the fire pit/cauldron thing. I would always eat at least 1 hot dog, not because I wanted too, but to make grandma happy that I didn't have a complete diet of sugar. I would def have the most s'mores. and when i got tired or assembling and eating them (it can get pretty messy) then I would just stick to plain roasted marshmallows. Yummm. Maybe grandma will light up the pit when I come home for Christmas! (hint, hint)

As I became a grown up, my love for s'mores only grew. One year my mom got me a s'mores kit for Christmas. It was cool, but became unnecessary. But it did aid in the discovery of the camping gel candle thingy that you light to make fire! So now? I can have s'mores anytime I want! Once I was making them and the gel thing fire balled almost in my face. Once I felt that my eyebrows & lashes were still attached, I continued roasting! Nothing can hold me back from this deliciousness.

If you check out my Pinterest "yummm" board, you will notice that 97% of the recipes are s'mores related. Someone, please help me!

I googled "s'mores bars" and after checking out a few of the results, I came across this on The Hungry Moose. I was so excited that I made it within a first week of finding it. and let me tell you, it did not disappoint.

In my opinion, this is the most delicious thing I have ever made! Lindsey and I even had some for breakfast a few days.
You seriously want me to believe that there is something delicious hiding in there?

S'mores Bars

2 sticks of butter softened to room temperature
1/2 c brown sugar
1 c sugar
2 eggs
2 tsps. vanilla
2 2/3 c flour
1 1/2 c graham cracker crumbs
2 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
4 large (4.4 oz.) chocolate bars
1 jar of Marshmallow fluff (about 13+ oz)

  1. Preheat your oven to 350 and grease a 9x13 pan.
  2. In a large bowl mix the white & brown sugar and butter. Then add in the eggs and vanilla. Mix some more.
  3. In a separate bowl mix together the graham cracker crumbs, flour, baking powder, and salt.
  4. Mix the wet and dry together to create your graham cracker cookie crust!
  5. Gather dough in a ball and divide in half. 
  6. Use one half to cover the bottom of the pan.
  7. Add the chocolate bar layer. The 4th bar will need to be cut to fit into the side and end of the pan.
  8. Spread the marshmallow layer all over. Good luck! It's pretty sticky. 
  9. And now the tricky part - adding the top layer of dough. I spread it out on wax paper to be approximately the size of the pan (mine was a little bigger than the pan) then I flipped it over to place the top later on. If your layer is too big, then just squish the edges down. If it's too small, then push them out. It doesn't have to be perfect.
  10. Bake at 350 for 30-35 minutes or until golden brown. Let it cool (if you are patient enough), then enjoy!
You could always use the caramel stuffed Hershey's bar instead, that could up the deliciousness another notch!

These bars were so delicious that we ate half of the pan before sending them to work with B. Pretty sure I would have polished it off it she hadn't taken them! yikes!
OMG! There is! (This doesn't even come close to capturing how delicious this treat really is)


Harry Potter, Jesus Christ

Harry Potter was the bomb!

I love love loved the movie! so much that I saw it twice.

My love could also come from the fact that I haven't finished the book series yet (I know, I know. WTF? I'm on the 4th and can't wait to finish to get all of the deets that the movie didn't cover), so I didn't have any built up expectations, but I feel that I would have enjoyed it regardless. I had figured out a lot of it through context clues, reading spoilers from the final book, and discussions with Brit, so I wasn't really shocked by anything, but it was still great!

B and I were lucky enough to score some reserved seats at Studio Movie Grill before they sold out for the second time. This was crucial to our midnight viewing because we did not have the time or patience to wait in line. We went to B.Spears the night before so I was already tired. The game plan: get home from work, sleep 6-11, HP, sleep 3-4:30a, Bootcamp, work. And I must say it was a success. I was hardly tired during work! It did mess with my eating patterns since I had dinner/breakfast at midnight. Best burger & Sweet P fries ever! I was kinda bummed that I wasn't more energized for the premier so I had to miss the preparty and I even forgot to take my wand to the showing. Yes, I have a wand. No, it's not authentic (I had one of those that I took from my brother, but then I gave it back because I felt bad, and apparently he somehow broke it...I should have kept it). My wand is made of plastic and makes magic spell sounds when you move it. Super fun to watch the movies and cast spells along with it.

Anyway, the movie was great! I laughed, cried, OMGed, and WTFed.

  • Surprise, I'm the last horcrux. The Good News: I already found it. The Bad News: I have to go die now.
  • $3 soda - can I get three refills of this to go?
  • Harry Potter Pals video.
  • Snape and Lilly - is it bad that I almost laughed when he was rocking her dead body. I don't know, something about his anguished expression made me laugh. ( I cried the second time I saw this. Don't worry my heart isn't completely stone.)
  • "Are a lot of people about to die?" ummm....yeah.
  • I think Harry Potter is handsome, but not DanRad. It must be the glasses...
  • Why does Ron always look like he's on drugs?
  • "Hi, I'm Dumbledoor, and I'm totes going to become your BFF HP. Sorry I didn't mention the part about you being the horcrux and having to sacrifice yourself."--Dumbledor, the ultimate Mean Girl.
  • Malfoy holding his mommy's hand as they fled the scene. haha.
  • Is Harry Dead? NO Yes. Psyche! 
  • Can you honestly tell me that J.K. wasn't inspired by the story of Jesus? I'm just not buying it.
  • When Voldomort hugs Malfoy? I.Die. so funny!
and in Honor of Snape and Lilly...
"I asked her dance, she asked me to die." haha.

Everyone should seriously (in no particular order):
  1. Watch all HP movies NOW!
  2. Read all HP Books!
  3. YouTube Harry Potter Puppet Pals. Hilarious! 

Q.How many times have you seen the Deathly Hollows: Part 2? What's your favorite part? Which HP movie is your fave?

A. 2 times. It's hard to pick...I loved the Snape memory thing, Mrs. Weasley and Beltrix, "Surprise, I'm alive," HP showing up at Hogwarts and then confronting Snape, Protecting the castle for the battle. It changes, but I would go with Half Blood Prince today.


It's Britney Bitch!

OR It's Britney, and she's a bitch.

Don't get me wrong, I love B.Spears. She is my home girl fo life. I even supported her through the crazy shaved head attacking people with umbrella incident. But I do have a bone to pick with her over this new tour. She keeps doin us dirty.

  1. The prices were jacked a little more from last time, so I paid the same amount, but ended up in the rafters. This I was willing to forgive.
  2. I bought our tickets presale through her fan club....then she sales them on groupon for half price. This is when I started my tattoo laser removal process because it was clear that we were going to break up. (kidding, I don't have a B.Spears tattoo).
  3. I have been to many concerts at the Toyota Center, including both times the Circus tour was there, and cameras were allowed. This time they weren't. This was only an issue because we found out as we were starting to head through security so B and I had to hightail it back to the car in the 100 degree weather. This? does not make me a happy girl.

Overall, I am glad that I went, duh! B.Spears is a great entertainer. Even though this wasn't as epic as the Circus, it was still a great experience. I will still love Brit even though I feel a little burned by her. I am so glad that Lindsey was able to come again because I love her and we have mutual love for Britney.

  • I'm a slave for you dance, or lack there of. WTF, if the BSB can do the original moves to I want it that way then you should step it the eff up!
  • no cameras? is this real life?!?
  • groupon? are you kidding me? Oh, you aren't? WTF?!?
  • Encore - it just keeps going! you think it's over, then Nicki comes out. you think it's over again? then B grows wings and freaking flies! then when it must really be over, they do the chorus again! it's never ending and i love it!
  • Nicki's backup dancers were amazing! I can't wait for Jiggle It class so I can shake it like they do. Inspired!
  • b.spear's hot backup dancer/video guy. How could she have been with the non-cute K-Fed, but not this guy?
  • Ewelina and Tracy breaking it down with the mom & son sitting next to us. I.Die.
  • Pretty sure she sang some live, but I would trade that in a heart beat for more dancing! sometimes it looked like she was just marking her step. THIS IS NOT YOUR DRESS REHERSAL, THIS IS REAL LIFE!!!
  • The funniest moment of the night? When B and I were walking back to the car to put up the cameras these two homeless guys were shouting at us that we were sexy. We just ignored them, until they commented on my tan legs and nice ass. B the enforcer came to play. She turned around and yelled at them to shut up. Their response? “No, you shut up.” About 4 times even though we didn’t ever say anything else. There for a sec I thought B was going to grab the one in a wheelchair and wheel him into traffic.
P.S. I love her new song and Video. Check it out! and yes, Mr. Hot Cop is one of her backup dancers and was there. 

Do you love B.Spears? What's your fave part of the video?


*cough, cough* I'm sick.

But for reals. Not the fake Mean Girls way.

I don't know what happened, but my immune system failed me Monday evening. At first I thought it was just a wicked headache, until we were heading home from the fireworks and I realized that my body hurt all over. WTF Immune system? You are usually so reliable!

KAREN: I can’t go out. [fakes cough] I’m sick.
REGINA: Boo, you whore
Anyway, I went to the Dr. Tuesday and was told I have a throat infection it's just not called strep or mono. Whatever. I would have been GTG but I had a fever. :( I would share with you the explanations for my sickness that B and I came up with, but I don't think the blog world possesses the same sick sense of humor we have and you would probably find it inappropriate (so would my mother. I hope she doesn't follow this blog!).

I am now on a Z-pack and taking Tylenol/Advil to keep my fever down. I think I might be immune to that because my fever has been holding on strong! I have missed work 3 days now. The first day was ok because I was in and out of consciousness due to my high fever. I'm also sure it burned away a few of my brain cells***. Fantastic! But day 3 is killing me! I am literally baned from work until my fever breaks. I don't blame them, I just hate missing! I'm probably going to have a panic attack when I open my email tomorrow (God willing my fever doesn't come back in the morning and sneak attack me again).

***side store about that: A few years ago I had a bad case of strep. It hit me like like a freight train. I went from good to a fever of 104 in the blink of an eye. I literally couldn't stay awake. The next day I had my marathon mentor drive me to the Dr. because I was too dizzy to do it safely. Anyway, that turned into bronchitis, then I was healed, then I had a strep relapse a week later. WTF? What a great timing with it being the month before my first marathon. To wrap it up, if you look at my grades before the sickness and after, there is a def difference. I'm pretty sure that having that high fever for over 12 hours fried my brain. (end side story)***

Someone told me that I should be happy to be home since my dream is to be a Trophy Wife (don't judge me), but this is not the same. As a stay at home wife I would actually be able to do shiz, like workout, shop, have lunch with my other stay at home friends, bake, etc. This? is like being held prisoner. I just hurt all over and can't even get motivated enough to feed myself. PLEASE SEND FOOD! or ice cream!

This is the trophy wife life I had in mind, not sicky and icky.

And B is out of town, so I'm just alone all day! AHHHHHH!

Cons to B leaving me

  • I don't have someone to feed me and give me meds when I'm passed out because of my fever.
  • I don't have someone to entertain me in the evenings.
  • I could die and no one would know for days. Yikes!
Pros to B leaving me
  • Every day is naked day! (I really missed having that)
  • B doesn't have to worry about getting sick
  • I can go to Taco Cabana. haha.
  • Did I mention that clothing is now optional?
Feel free to send me get well soon flowers, cards, candy, ice cream, or whatever. It would be most appreciated! 


We got Grey Goosed!

Twice. Who knew there were so many ways for this to happen?!? I'm sure there are many more, and I'm sure that B and I will find out!

Grey Goosed #1
Taffan had a table at Ei8ht and invited B and I along. I saw these guys on the dance floor eyeing our grey goose and when they thought no one was looking they grabbed it over the wall and took off. WTF, did that just happen?!? I told Taffan and we took off after them. Luckily security had seen the whole thing and got them before we did. We got "grey goosed."

Grey Goosed #2 
This time we had a table at Red Door. We had already been out for hours when Ewelina decided to start giving shots straight from the bottle. B said no, but Ewelina gave it to her anyway. That is what pushed B over the edge. She got "grey goosed." haha. I too drank from the bottle because I didn't want to be the baby ass that said no. Don't worry, with the help of a taxi I got me and honey B home safely.

Check our J Def's Flag. It's over 100 yrs old.

  • We finally met McCall and Ewelina and love them both!
  • Rachael
  • "What?! What?! What?!"
  • "I'm so excited I could bite you" is for real. haha. 
  • OMG, my butt was out.
  • playing telephone is still super fun even though I'm not good at remembering 5 lines of a rap. whatevs.
  • taking a bite of every fry I fed to Jes. (must be a Noah's ark thing).
  • Me-"let's go dance." B-"OK." as she grabs her purse and heads for the exit. haha.
  • "Who's the sluttier dancer?" Jes points to me. I don't know about that after what I saw Sunday!
  • "I think we are the only ones that forgot to bring our boobs today."
  • Double teaming breakfast with Jes. So fun!
Marc & S - at St. Arnold's Brewery 
Me + Jes
We went to the Astros. They lost. But it was still fun since I got cotton candy!

Leaving our mark on Boondocks.

I made bomb krispy treats for J Def's BBQ. They were so good that I couldn't help but eat them on the way over.

Oreo Stuffed Bomb.com Brownies

As I was reading the 50billion food blogs I'm subscribed to, I ran across these brownies on Sing For Your Super. Oreo Stuffed. So simple, and yet so genius. Truth be told I'm more into the brownie batter than the actual brownies. In college I would often make brownies for my neighbors just because I loved licking the bowl. haha.

Back to the Oreo brownies. Once I saw them, I found myself thinking about them constantly. After about two weeks of brownie fantasies I whipped them up.

What's that, a regular brownie?
 Oreo Stuffed Brownies
recipe from Sing For Your Supper

2 sticks unsalted butter
2 1/4 c sugar
4 eggs
1 1/4 c cocoa powder
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tbs vanilla extract
1 1/2 c flour
1 c chocolate chips
1 pkg double stuffed Oreo's (if we're being honest, they are the only ones that matter)

  • preheat oven to 350 and Pam a 9x13 pan.
  • in a medium bowl microwave to melt the butter, add the sugar, and stir. Microwave a little longer until hot. It should become shiny looking as you stir. Heat once more because this will help create a shiny top crust on the brownies.
  • Beat the eggs, cocoa, salt, baking powder, and vanilla until smooth. Add the hot butter/sugar mixture and stir until smooth. Finally, add the flour and chocolate chips (one cup, not the whole bag...not that I would do that on accident...) and stir until smooth.
  • Spoon half of the batter into the pan. Next, create your Oreo layer by lining as many as you can on top of the batter layer. Finish it off with the final batter layer. If necessary, spread the batter to the edges and around the oreos. Bake for 34-50 minutes, or until you get a clean toothpick (duh!). 
  • Cool before serving. Or serve warm with a side of ice cream. Whatever floats your brownie boat!

Surprise! It's stuffed with Oreo's!

B loved them so much that she opted to leave them at home instead of sharing with the boys at work (they were sorely disappointed). I did take a few to my co-workers and I'm pretty sure it was like a party in their mouths when they took a bite. Basically, they loved them!